Swap to Shop @ Meadowhall Shopping Centre, Sheffield

With research revealing that women only wear around 20% of the clothes in their wardrobe, DaisyGreenEvents.co.uk are delighted to work with Meadowhall Shopping Centre to host a record-breaking swishing event giving the ladies of Yorkshire a chance to swap their unwanted items for hidden treasures.

The all-day* swish will be the longest event of its kind, and the first time this fashion craze which is sweeping the nation has been held in the region.

The event, taking place on Wednesday March 30th, will give Yorkshire ladies the opportunity to re-vamp their wardrobes without spending a penny at the fashionably eco friendly event which will be going on all day in the Upper Gallery of Meadowhall**.

Swishing has increased in popularity after a recent QVC study which revealed that the average woman only wears about 20% of her clothes and has an average of 22 garments in her wardrobe which she never wears, but refuses to throw out. Half of all the women questioned say guilt over wasting money is the main reason for not throwing clothes out and so swishing comes as the perfect antidote.

Impractical nostalgia seems to be what is driving women to cling on to unworn clothes that could get much more use in someone else’s hands and Yorkshire women are some of the worst with an average of £266.98 worth of unworn clothes in their wardrobes.

The event, which will last eight and a half hours is believed to be the longest ever swish in the UK and so there will be more than enough chances to pick up a hidden treasure.

All proceeds and unswapped clothes will go to Helen’s Trust charity.

*opening hours are 12.30pm – 9pm
** the unit is on the Upper Gallery next to WH Smith


Meadowhall Shopping Centre



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